Saturday, June 30, 2012

Video of Day 81 - 06/22/2012 - San Francisco, CA

Video of Day 80 - 06/21/2012 - San Francisco, CA

Videos are on the way!

Starting today I'll be posting the daily summary videos just like I used to do in the previous blog.

I'll post now the videos for the first two days of this new journey! I have more videos ready but couldn't upload them yet since it takes a long time and my connection sucks right now. But I will post them very soon, possibly tomorrow!

Once again working in Calistoga!

Tthishis has been a great day so far. I woke up early, exchanged my old tires for the new ones and then came down to town to work on my things within this nice coffee shop. =)

Thanks Gantt!!

So yesterday iarrived in the campground and my tent wasn't there!

My light was in my bag so I had no light even to look around, and because I had that flat tire I arrived at night.

I ended up asking Gantt, which was camped next to where my tent used to be and he helped me search for it with his light. He even offered for me to stay in his house wheni get closer to Portland!!

It turns out we found the tent at a different spot... The rangers have moved it since I had placed it by mistake in the parking lot, not in the campsite... Haha!!

In the picture its me, Gantt and Gus, his son!

Thank you!!!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Diner is on the way!

I'm even cooking some rice! haha =)

Flat tire, no spare tube...

Got a flat tire... Unfortunately my spare tube did not feed my bicycle. by mistake I purchased one with the wrong valve and can't use it.

The only bicycle shop is closed and only reopens tomorrow, so I guess I'm going to walk my bicycle 6 miles back to the campground.

This will be a 2 hour walk... tomorrow I'm going to have to walk the bicycle back to town to buy a new tube: 6 more miles.

Wish me luck!

Got a big help!!

I was coming out of the supermarket when I met Hillary, who saw my flat tire. She called back home and asked her husband to help me out.

He readily accept it and we walk to her house. There he fixed my tire and put on new tube in it!
Thanks to them I'm going to get back to the campground on time for diner!

Rhank you Ray and Hilary!!!

What a wonderful city

This was a great day! I got a lot of work done, had good food and all in a very scenic place.

Todag life is good. =)

Nice place to work at!

Im seating on this nice deli working on my things.

Couldn't ask for more! =)

Salad for lunch

Calistoga has several options for lunch. I found a nice place and I'm having a great Cobb salad!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

It's diner time!!

The Bothe-Napa Valley State Park!

Arrived in the Bothe-Napa Valley State Park!
And it's day already so it's going to be easy to set up my tent!

Arrived in Calistoga, CA

This is a nice little town with a few coffee shops. I think I might be able to stick around a couple of days and work on my things.

Let's hope the campground on the state park I'm going to camp tonight is good and have showers!

Met a nice guy

Peter Wion was checking he's mailbox when he saw me passing and call and asked where was I riding from.

We ended up chatting for about hour and he gave me several trips about this and several other roads in that I'm about the face in the next few days.

He also saw I was wearing a pair of broken sunglasses and gave me his security glasses which are really nice and have no scratches!

Thanks for the tips and the glasses Peter!

Crossing a hardcore mountain

Through the Calistoga Rd going towards the Bothe-Napa Valley National Park where I plan to camp tonight!

Working at a Starbucks

Lost bike computer

You knkw thay smallone that keeps track of mileage, time, etc?! Yep... I lost it. It somehow felt from the bike and I didn't see it, and since I haven't looked at it for a long time it's not worth going back.

It's hot out here

But the sunny skies and cool breeze add up to a good weather. This is going to be a great day I'm sure!

Ready to hit the road

New features on the website

Hi folks!
I've been working on getting some of the requested features on the website such as real time location, follow by email and popular posts. There are some more things I want to add, but that will take a few days to get ready!

Stay tuned for updates, later today (its past midnight) I should be updating the blog frequently as I go towards the next state park where I'm planning to camp.


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

In Petaluma, CA

Nice little city!

At a cheese factory

This cheese factory is on the middle of the way towards Petaluma, CA.

Here there are several people that seem to be taking painting classes.

I hope they have coffee!

Packed and ready to leave

Today, towards Santa Rosa, CA!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Awesome fire going on!

Look at that!! Great fire means grwat food! =)

You know what this means?

It means diner is on its way!!

Back in the woods

What a peaceful place!

Working in Lagunitas, CA

So I have been working the whole day on my things in a small city called Lagunitas, about 4 miles from the place where I'm camping.

There is almost nothing here, but I  found a nice little shop with coffee, sandwiches and plugs so I can use my computer and charge the phone.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Nice food in the woods

Seriously, look how good this is! Prepared in the woods and from the acratch!

I had a king's feast tonight!

Nice diner in Point Reyes

Found a nice coffee house with an amazing veggie burger!!

Summary of 06/24/2012 - Towards the campground

Since we had slept quite late in the previous night, all three of us woke up fairly late this morning. Dan and Drew woke up first and since I was in the living room I woke up too. =)

We then spent some time talking and had pancakes for breakfast, then Drew and I went for a ride. The plan was for us to ride in the Golden Gate park and then I would follow my trip and he would go home. The ride was nice, the weather was perfect. After riding for about 30 minutes we stopped at a coffee house and had some coffee with bread and started talking about how great this life on the road is.

Drew then asked if I would mind if he joined me on the campground that day and I found that a great idea! We came back to his house and he packed in less than an hour, then we left.

Our destination was the Samuel P. Taylor campground, about 35 miles from San Francisco. We rode through some very nice small cities such as Salsalito, Marin city and others. The houses and the atmosphere on these cities were amazing! These were certainly very rich places, with many mansions facing the bay.

We had a Subway sandwich to recover the energies, then stopped at a supermarket to get groceries. After a few more hours riding we arrived in the campground. Unfortunately it was full, but they let us stay in the picnic area granted we would leave by 9am in the next day. We readily accepted and started setting up our camp.

Drew and I collected some firewood around the area and started a fire. He used to be a professional Chef, so he took care of cooking. In less than an hour we had a nice meal made of grilled vegetables. He also cooked a steak for himself, but I kept it vegetarian.

We then prepared to sleep. Unfortunately the showers were very far and we could not find them without sunlight, so we had to sleep with no shower.

Drew is departing

Today Drew departed back to San Francisco. From this point on I'm back on my own.
My plan for today is used to work for an hour or so and then ride to Point Reyes to get some food for tonight and tomorrow's breakfast.
It's hard to find a plug to charge this phone, besides the signal here is not that good and that's why I haven't been updating the blog very often.
I'll have it fully charged this afternoon so I should be able to get more frequent updates today and tomorrow!

Good morning forest

I just woke up and am now going for a quick ride to get breakfast!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

At the grocery store

In Point Reyes!

I have almost no battery so will have to keep this sort but will write more in a few minutes!

At the Samuel P. Taylor campground

We got into to the campground and are all set! Drew is cooking some nice grilled vegetables and will soon eat a lot!

Tomorrow we'll have to wake up early... We're camping at the picnic area and not are not allowed to stay beyond 9 am.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Getting food for the camp

We're now at a Safeway supermarket getting food for the campground. We're still about 15 miles away and planning to get there before dusk. It is also got really chilly so we are prepared with all the clothes we might need.

Today I also got a new air mattress which use much lighter and much smaller when packed then the one I have right now.

Let's see how it goes!

Having lunch

And ready to keep moving towards Samuel P. Taylor state park!

Going to camp tonight!

Drew and I decided to go camping at a nearby state park. They have showers and everything so it should be fun!

I'll post more updates as we move towards the campground!

Drew is now packing his stuff and we'll leave right after that! =)

Summary of 06/22/2012 - Fun day in SF!

Today was a great day. I woke up around 10:00am and soon Dan and Drew, the hosts where I spent the last night woke up as well. We had breakfast and then Dan, who is a yoga instructor invited me to go try a yoga class.

They practice an extreme kind of yoga called Bikram Yoga. Basically you do a hardcore yoga class, 90 minutes long in a room with no windows, no doors and temperature of 105F / 45C! I almost fainted a couple of times, but tried my best to follow the poses. In the end I showered, exchanged clothes and felt very relaxed. It was a great experience, unlike anything I had done before.

After that Dan and I went to a supermarket called Trade Joe's get some apples, bananas and juice, then headed to a Chinese restaurant to have lunch. The food was good and we had a good time talking about a variety of topics. Next we rode our bikes back to his house and, feeling relaxed from the yoga class I decided to take a nap. A 2 hours nap. =)

Next I woke up and rode the bike to a nearby restaurant where I worked on my things for an hour, then headed back to the house and prepared to sleep.

Tomorrow Drew and I will go for a ride in the Golden Gate park, then I will call my next host and make arrangements to meet them.

That's it for today! Cheers!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Had a great lunch

At a Chinese restaurant called SanTung, on Inving street. Dan and I had a nice talk and then headed back to his house.

The yoga class was great!

I'll post a video of the before and after later tonight!

It is called bikram yoga, the whole 90 minutes class is done in a room heated to 105F or 45C!

In Dan's house

Yesterday I met with Dan, a cyclist registered in the website and spent the night on his house. He has a roommate, Drew, which is a nice guy as well. We had a good time talking and laughing on the aventures me and my uncle went through for the past two months.

Dan is a Yoga instructor. He invited me for a 30 mins ride through the coast towards a yoga studio. He will try this new kind of yoga with another instructor which is in town just for a few days, and invited me to make the class as well.

Well, of course I'll go! Haha we'll see if I will survive the class!