Monday, June 25, 2012

Summary of 06/24/2012 - Towards the campground

Since we had slept quite late in the previous night, all three of us woke up fairly late this morning. Dan and Drew woke up first and since I was in the living room I woke up too. =)

We then spent some time talking and had pancakes for breakfast, then Drew and I went for a ride. The plan was for us to ride in the Golden Gate park and then I would follow my trip and he would go home. The ride was nice, the weather was perfect. After riding for about 30 minutes we stopped at a coffee house and had some coffee with bread and started talking about how great this life on the road is.

Drew then asked if I would mind if he joined me on the campground that day and I found that a great idea! We came back to his house and he packed in less than an hour, then we left.

Our destination was the Samuel P. Taylor campground, about 35 miles from San Francisco. We rode through some very nice small cities such as Salsalito, Marin city and others. The houses and the atmosphere on these cities were amazing! These were certainly very rich places, with many mansions facing the bay.

We had a Subway sandwich to recover the energies, then stopped at a supermarket to get groceries. After a few more hours riding we arrived in the campground. Unfortunately it was full, but they let us stay in the picnic area granted we would leave by 9am in the next day. We readily accepted and started setting up our camp.

Drew and I collected some firewood around the area and started a fire. He used to be a professional Chef, so he took care of cooking. In less than an hour we had a nice meal made of grilled vegetables. He also cooked a steak for himself, but I kept it vegetarian.

We then prepared to sleep. Unfortunately the showers were very far and we could not find them without sunlight, so we had to sleep with no shower.

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