Sunday, July 29, 2012

Video of Day 114 - 07-25-2012 - Winchester Bay, OR

Video of Day 113 - 07-24-2012 - Bandon, OR

Video of Day 112 - 07-23-2012 - Curry, OR

Sarah and I

She lives in Malaysia and is biking the Pacific coast.

We camped close yesterday and met again at a subway store this morning, where we spent a good hour talking.

We might meet again in Asia soon!

Daniel and I

He is riding towards San Francisco. We had nice conversations both yesterday and this morning.

He carries a Rollie 35 S camera! It's good to find someone else that like the classic stuff! =)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The trail ended in this lake

Veru nice viewing area. Bit it's too cold, I'm going back to the campsite and prepare dinner!

Following a trail...

Will see where it leads!

Tent is all set...

... Time to take a shower! I hope tgey hot hot water because is kinda cold now at 60F.

Arrived at the Umpqua Lighthouse State Park

Umpqua Viewpoint

Nearby the Umpqua State Park where I plan to camp tonight!

On the background us the ocean!

Back on the road!

Having some coffee in Coos Bay, OR

I got here relatively fast today due to the much weaker winds, so I had lunch and decided to stop at a Starbucks to have somr coffee before riding foward!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Arrived at the Bullards Beach State Park

Today I had another insanely hard day because of the strong headwinds. It took me the whole day to cover the 40 miles I rode. I was supposed to go to a state park 25 miles north of here, but I decided to stay on this state park.

After setting up camp I headed to a small town about two miles south of there called Bandon, and found a place with Wi-Fi where I could get some work done. I worked about three hours.

I'm heading back to the camp now to take a shower and sleep. Tomorrow I'm plannig to complete the course to the Sunset Bay State Park in the morning and spend the day working somewhere in a city called Charleston, OR.

The landscapes today where nice, but still I could not enjoy it so much because of the winds. I hope to get weaker winds tomorrow.


Ironic sign

Airport Rd, Dead End