Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Arrived in Eureka, CA!

I arrived in Eureka, CA just fine!

Today was not so nice duet o the rain I had to face in the morning time. Also, I had no signal for the entire day so I could not update the blog.

Over here everything is fine, I have my tent set and will now head to the showers. The campground is very nice an has even Wi-Fi and a laundry, which is good given the fact most of my clothes are wet and/or dirty.

I'm planning on staying here one more day to catch up on my work, then ride on July 19th to Crescent City which is about 80 miles from here.

I have kept a journal of what happens every day but haven't really had a change to publish my writings. I will take the opportunity to publish the one for today since I have Wi-Fi. :)

Please excuse the lack of pictures and videos for today since they are about to close where I am. I will post the summary for today's ride which was quite interesting, though.


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