Tuesday, July 10, 2012

One last day in Manchester

Here is me again on that satellite connection!

So I decided to stay one more day here in Manchester. The campground (a KOA) has everything: laundry, kitchen, gaming room, plugs everywhere, coin-free hot showers, a small grocery store, hot coffee, community fire, movie nights, ice-cream socials, and more. I have never seen something like this, and all for just $10 a night for hikers and bikers! That's too good to stay just for a day, so I stopped here for two entire days and will keep riding tomorrow.

I also had a chance to work on my things on the gaming room which is not always quiet but has a desk and a plug underneath.

I met some incredible people here and on the previous campgrounds. There are many riders on Highway one, mostly cool people with whom I could spend hours talking to.

Still I have no cell signal or internet connection of any kind here other than the satellite which is very limited and available just for 30 mins a day. Tomorrow I'm going to Fort Bragg which is about 45 miles north of here and I should get better connections there.

People have been telling me about all the rain I'm going to face after passing Fort Bragg. They strongly recommended me getting a rain jacket and rain pants. One guy told me he had rain all they way while crossing though the state of Washington! So I'm getting psychologically prepared for that. Also, here is very cold. Today it is not hotter than 60F, and last night it dropped to under 50F. The word out is that things will be colder and much more wet as I move north.

For now I guess that's it, I can't post many pictures from this connection so I will add just one of a nice landscape I've been while riding towards this place.

I'll be in touch posting videos ad more pictures as soon as I get that connection.

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