Thursday, August 30, 2012

Video of Day 144 - 08-24-2012 - Vancouver, BC, Canada

Video of Day 143 - 08-23-2012 - Bellingham, WA

Video of Day 142 - 08-22-2012 - Burlignton, WA

Tomorrow I'll go back to USA!

As a final step in this trip, I've decided to spend one month in the house of some dear friends I met when I passed by Burlington, WA. Their names are Don and Pat. They hosted me and, in one of our many talks, I mentioned the work I'm doing in my computer and that I was planning on spending about a month concentrated in finishing up the first version. On the next day, Don and Pat offered me to stay in their house for that period to get my work done.

Don, Pat and I

This was such an amazing gesture. I will of course rent the room. I can't just stay without giving anything back. Besides, I will help them with the work they do in the field growing vegetables. This should be fun as well!

This is my plan: ride back to the US tomorrow and camp somewhere in between Vancouver and Burlington, WA, and Saturday ride the last stretch.

I will stay with them during September. During this time I will be fully concentrated in working on my project, but will keep updating the blog as I have been doing lately. I will also post the final updates to the previous travel blog,

Hopefully tonight the hostel won't be too noisy and I'll be able to catch some sleep.


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Video of Day 140 - 08-20-2012 - Everett, WA

Video of Day 139 - 08-19-2012 - Seattle, WA

Video of Day 138 - 08-18-2012 - Seattle, WA

Video of Day 137 - 08-17-2012 - Seattle, WA

The American Backpacker's Horror Hostel

Hi folks!
I'm still in Vancouver and plan on staying up to this Friday morning. I'm at the American Backpacker's Hostel as I mentioned in a previous post. This place is just such a terrible dump! Old everything, dirty everything. Also sad to see so man young people wasting their lives with drugs. Too much delusion in such a small place.

The room I'm staying at is located right next to the patio where people get together to do all kinds of drugs and brag about how doped they are. This morning I woke up with someone throwing up outside after getting close to a cocaine overdose. On the corridors hookers occasionally try to make some money. Not sure where though since all rooms have six bed or more and the place is always full. Yesterday there was a guy sleeping on the floor in our room, I don't think he was registered with the hostel. The bathroom hasn't been cleaned in the last 30 years for sure. Yesterday the police decided to go in to stop a fight that was happening in the corridor, right in front of my room. No one arrested despite the fact that crack and pot can be found on pretty much all pockets in that place. Well, it is located at the heart of Vancouver's downtown and costs $10 a night, so I can't complaint about the location or price. 

People look me weird when they see me drinking my daily half gallon of chocolate soy milk. Yesterday one girl asked what I had inside the soy milk container. You should have seen the look on her face when I said it was soy milk! haha that was too funny.

But I have had good laughs reading the notes that are located all over the place. I took picture of some of them and I'm posting them here.

Look at these!

At the registration booth.

At the registration booth.

At the registration booth.

At the registration booth.

At the registration booth.

This is the owner, Vincent. He is a nice guy.

They had more funny ones on the bathroom:

And this was at the kitchen:

And I found this kind note in my bicycle today in the morning:

I must say this has been a quite valuable experience. After staying there I will absolutely never complain about anywhere, ever. haha 


Sunday, August 26, 2012

Video of Day 134 - 08-14-2012 - Belfair, WA (Belfair State Park)

Video of Day 133 - 08-13-2012 - Belfair, WA (Belfair State Park)

Video of Day 132 - 08-12-2012 - Shelton, WA (Portlatch State Park)

Getting to know Vancouver!

Hi folks!
Right now I'm at a Starbucks in Grandville Island, just about two miles south of Vancouver. I'll pedal back to town soon.

My first impression of Vancouver was good, but I have had mixed feelings about it so far. The city seems to have a very large and dense population of homeless people which makes going around with an expensive bicycle a little trickier. Other than that it's been great.

Entering British Columbia, Canada

Arriving in Vancouver, BC

Right now I'm at a hostel called American Backpacker's Hostel right in the downtown area. It's the worst place I have stayed in this entire trip, including the bad motels in Oklahoma. I'm not sure if this hostel is bad or all hostels are like this, but there I found a legion of drug addicts, drunk teenagers who scream all night long old and dirty everything, etc. I'm sharing the room with 6 more people, most of them like that as well. On the corridors that are girls hanging around smoking pot and dressed in such a way I can only assume they are prostitutes. I need to make some more pictures of this hostel and will post them soon.

I can't say this experience has been completely bad, it was in a way interesting to see this kind of environment. However, I'm eager to get out of there tomorrow.

I'm planning on catching a ferry to Victoria, and camp there for a few days. I'm still considering a few options for the next month or so, I'll give more details as soon as I decide what's next!

Bhajan and I. He guided me through a complicated trail leading to Vancouver.

A painting in one of Vancouver's streets.

The internet access here has been limited to wifi spots, and even then it is fairly slow so I couldn't upload the late videos. I will do so as soon as I catch a better Wi-Fi. :D

Alright, it's time for me to look for a laundry and get my clothes washed, then find a place to eat. 


Saturday, August 25, 2012

At the Alibi pub

With Andrew and Anya having a great time at the alibi pub. This are amazing folks!!

Arrived in Vancouver, Canada!!!

I MADE IT!!! \o/

I actually made it here yesterday but had no signal until now... Once i crossed the Canada border I had to turn international roaming on,  and I don't have that in my plan. So while pin Canada I'll have to update the blog just thought Wii.

Right now I'm at a bar with some really nice folks I meet here. I stayed in their home last night, they are called Andrew and Anya.

Here is a picture I took yesterday when entering Vancouver.

I'll post much more tonight when i get to a wifi with my laptop. =)))

Friday, August 24, 2012

In Bline, WA

This I'd right at the USA/Canada border! I'll be crossing in a little bit!

Today I'll cross the border!

I'm heading to the Canadian border now! The guy which was going to host me won't be able to do that, so I'm still looking for a place to stay. Maybe I'll stay at a hostel tonight.

I'm running short on battery so I won't be able to post to much today :/

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Busara Thai Restaurant

Max Burrage, Kelsey Stephens and I

Arrived in Belingham, WA

Nice small town! I'm in the central business district now and will soon head to my host's house.

I'm gonna have to find another route

Can't proceed here. I'll try anyways... Hopefully the police won't stop me. :/

A transgenic dog or llama?

Haha what a wierd animal. This was right next to the"snail crossing" sign.

Snail crossing?!?!

That was a first! Lot's of interesting signs today haha

Pause for chocolate milk

Soy milk is really excellent to help performing on the road.

Weird sign

Am I the only one who feels like it would be a bad idea to be seatting on that picnic table?!

At the junction of Avon Allen Rd and Sam Bell Rd, Burlington, WA.

Storm on the horizon

I'm on my way to Bellingham, WA. I can see a major storm right where I'm supposed to pass... I think this will be a hard day... Hehe

Don, Pat and I

This morning Don prepared some pancakes which were really good, then it was time for me to pack. We took a few pictures together and then I started riding.

I had wonderful time at their house and wanted to register a special thank you for their amazing hospitality!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Arrived in Burlington, WA

I actually arrived a lot earlier today but just now had a chance to post. I'm at the house of a very nice couple, Don and Pat. They are incredible! After showering we had dinner and a great conversation.

I will stay one more day in their home and ride north on the next day.

Tomorrow I'll take the day to catch up on the late daily summaries and videos so you can expect a lot of updates. =)

Crossing the bridge into Burlington, WA

Almost there!

I'm at the junction oh highways 9 and 538, not more than 7 miles of Burlington, WA.

I just realized i forgot to post this

Trsining Karate in Marc's dojo while in Seattle, August 18th!

Thanks Marc for taking me there!!

Having lunch in Arlington, WA

I'm now moving forward towards Burlington, WA. I have about 28 miles left, totaling 62 miles for today.

Pause to recover

And eat some cookies. =)

In Snohomish, WA

A few minutes ago.

No horses!

First time I've seen a sign like this! Horses are usually welcome! Haha

In Snohomish, WA.

(Ooops, I forgot to add the picture before!)