Monday, August 6, 2012

Made a strategic change of plans

I decided to stay two more days in Oregon. I'm right at the Oregon/Washington border, in a State Park called Fort Stevens close to the city of Astoria, OR.

Here is why I did this instead of going to Cape Disappointment in Washington: the campgrounds in Washington are really primitive and most don't even have showers. Besides, cities are far away from each other and I wouldn't have good places to work at. Also, over there it rains a lot so it would be better to cross that state as quickly as possible.

I'm almost done with an important component of my product, so I decided to stay in Oregon these two extra days, where I can go work at a Starbucks. Once I finish this milestone I'll just ride towards Vancouver without much delay, maybe spending a couple of days in Seattle if I find someone to host me for a couple of nights.

Tomorrow will be a work day for me and I'll have wifi, so you can expect many updates to the blog including many videos! =)

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