Thursday, August 2, 2012

So Chick-fil-A is against gay marriage

I'm shocked by the amount of posts, tweets, articles I've seen lately about this matter.

So I'm basically writing about this whole activity, not their statement. I personally don't care what Chick-fil-A think, but I do care about the fact that in 2012 we still have companies expressing hatred for others openly like that.

So sad to see all the activity around the Chick-fil-A's anti-gay statement.

Not sure what is more disappointing in this whole thing...

...if are all the people who think 1st amendment means you have the right to interfere in other people's lives by expressing your hatred for the choices they have made for THEIR own lives, not yours. Freedom of speach is not the same as freedom too bully others.

...if are all the people who have seem to have way too much free time to talk about this all day, support or hate Chick-fil-A for what they wrote. If you agree, good for you. If you don't, go to Burger King instead and get over it.

...if the fact that in 2012 there is still people and companies against (or in favor, for that matter) gay marriage. If you don't like gay marriage, marry someone of the opposite sex and let others make their choice!

...if it is the people who can't even deal with their own lives, let alone other people's lives which are none of their business, but insist in attacking others for their choices.

This whole thing is so sad. The few out there who seem to support not only freedom of speech but also respect for others and do take care of their lives before using a constitution amendment to hate and bully others... those apparently increasingly rare folks do give me hope, though.

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