Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The American Backpacker's Horror Hostel

Hi folks!
I'm still in Vancouver and plan on staying up to this Friday morning. I'm at the American Backpacker's Hostel as I mentioned in a previous post. This place is just such a terrible dump! Old everything, dirty everything. Also sad to see so man young people wasting their lives with drugs. Too much delusion in such a small place.

The room I'm staying at is located right next to the patio where people get together to do all kinds of drugs and brag about how doped they are. This morning I woke up with someone throwing up outside after getting close to a cocaine overdose. On the corridors hookers occasionally try to make some money. Not sure where though since all rooms have six bed or more and the place is always full. Yesterday there was a guy sleeping on the floor in our room, I don't think he was registered with the hostel. The bathroom hasn't been cleaned in the last 30 years for sure. Yesterday the police decided to go in to stop a fight that was happening in the corridor, right in front of my room. No one arrested despite the fact that crack and pot can be found on pretty much all pockets in that place. Well, it is located at the heart of Vancouver's downtown and costs $10 a night, so I can't complaint about the location or price. 

People look me weird when they see me drinking my daily half gallon of chocolate soy milk. Yesterday one girl asked what I had inside the soy milk container. You should have seen the look on her face when I said it was soy milk! haha that was too funny.

But I have had good laughs reading the notes that are located all over the place. I took picture of some of them and I'm posting them here.

Look at these!

At the registration booth.

At the registration booth.

At the registration booth.

At the registration booth.

At the registration booth.

This is the owner, Vincent. He is a nice guy.

They had more funny ones on the bathroom:

And this was at the kitchen:

And I found this kind note in my bicycle today in the morning:

I must say this has been a quite valuable experience. After staying there I will absolutely never complain about anywhere, ever. haha 


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