Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tomorrow I'll go back to USA!

As a final step in this trip, I've decided to spend one month in the house of some dear friends I met when I passed by Burlington, WA. Their names are Don and Pat. They hosted me and, in one of our many talks, I mentioned the work I'm doing in my computer and that I was planning on spending about a month concentrated in finishing up the first version. On the next day, Don and Pat offered me to stay in their house for that period to get my work done.

Don, Pat and I

This was such an amazing gesture. I will of course rent the room. I can't just stay without giving anything back. Besides, I will help them with the work they do in the field growing vegetables. This should be fun as well!

This is my plan: ride back to the US tomorrow and camp somewhere in between Vancouver and Burlington, WA, and Saturday ride the last stretch.

I will stay with them during September. During this time I will be fully concentrated in working on my project, but will keep updating the blog as I have been doing lately. I will also post the final updates to the previous travel blog,

Hopefully tonight the hostel won't be too noisy and I'll be able to catch some sleep.


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