Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Adapting to the new routine

For the last few days I've been at Don and Pat's house, in Burlington, WA. This is such a small and friendly city. Some of the landscapes here seem to have been taken straight from a country movie, one of the reasons I chose to stay here for the whole month.

Pat and Don are great, and we are having a good time. Yesterday I cooked Moussaka for us, a Greek/Bulgarian dish where potatoes are cooked and mixed with tofu (or red meat, but we don't use red or chicken meat here so tofu works great) and tomato sauce. the whole thing goes into the oven in a flat container like those used for lasagnas, and then a few eggs are spread on top. Once the eggs cook thoroughly it is ready to serve.

Tonight I'll cook a fish-based dish and will post pictures later.

I don't have internet access from the house except for a weak, intermittent signal on the phone, so updates to the blog from there are limited text only. I'm at a Starbucks now in downtown and will try to come here often to upload the videos and post pictures.

My work is progressing as expected so I'm happy with that, too.

I'll start posting the videos from Vancouver today and complete the series tomorrow along with the first videos from my stay at Don and Pat's.

I've also meditated a lot on a few topics and would like to share my thoughts on them with you. I will do that shortly on the next updates as well.


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