Sunday, September 16, 2012

Bike ride in Lopez island, WA

I've finally been able to connect and post the pictures of our bike ride in Lopez island last Friday  - 09/14/2012.

Don, Pat and I woke up early and by 8:00 am were already on our way to the ferry. Don drove to Anacortes, WA, a nearby city where ferries to several Washington and Canada islands departs from. He parked at a Safeway supermarket and we rode about 4 miles to the ferry. We ended up arriving early too early and waited for about an hour for the scheduled departure at 9:35am.

Preparing to depart, and at the ferry towards Lopez island. 

The ferry ride was short but enjoyable. By 10:15, we were getting out of the ferry and riding towards the other end of Lopez island.

We rode to the island's main village where they had a few stores, a small supermarket and a coffee house. We bought sandwiches there, then rode all the way to the other side of the island. It was an about 12 miles ride, not too long.

Don at Agate beach, on the south end of Lopez island.

We also explored some of the most remote locations there including a hike to a place where sea lions could be seen. We stopped and had lunch at the rocks while watching the sea lions. What an amazing time!

View of the sea lions through the bibulous. 

 From there we rode up to the East side of the island and visited a state park located there.

 Before returning to the 6:15pm ferry we made a short stop. Don and I layed on the top of some tables at the State Park and rested for about 30 minutes.

The ferry ride back to mainland was also pleasant. we arrived at Don's car just before dusk and drove back home where I cooked us dinner.

At the ferry riding back to mainland.

This was a great day! In total we rode 44 miles that day.

I look forward riding with them on San Juan island which is a little further away than Lopez. Maybe we will be able to do it some day next week.


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