Monday, September 24, 2012

We had full house last few days!

Last Friday a German couple and their baby came to Don and Pat's house. Gregor and Lea are cyclists, pedaling from Alaska and going towards the tip of South America. They carry their baby with them which is just 15 month old! The baby, Ronja, seems to enjoy traveling very much.

Yesterday we cycled to the downtown area of Burlington and spent some time at a Starbucks, then stopped at the supermarket before coming home.

Later in that same day two more riders which had also contacted Don and Pat though the website arrived! We had a total of seven adults and the baby that night. It was very nice. I cooked for us, Don and Pat made the salad and we had a great time talking over dinner.

This was a very unusual time. This morning they all left. They are riding together from this point on and plan to keep as group up to southern California, when they will split and follow different routes.

I took the opportunity to ride with them this morning a few miles up to Mount Vernon. There we said good bye and I rode back to the house.

Here are some pictures we took this morning before departing.

Such an amazing time. I will definitely look into hosting cyclists in the future as well, whenever I get settled somewhere.


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