Monday, October 29, 2012

Preparing lunch

Today we'll have vegetables (carrots,  cally flower, yellow squash) drained with parsley leads and black pepper. I'm also making somr quinoa.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Random thought

Life won't let you graduate until you have learned the lesson in it's fullest. But although it might seem cruel at times, it gives you hints: It tells you what the lesson is by repeatedly giving you not what you want, but instead what you need in order to learn.

If you are not getting what you want, then that's your flag.

Monday, October 22, 2012

At the Rolling Oaks mall

In San Antonio, TX. We had a great day! Not a lot of battery left, can't take pictures.

Going to San Antonio, TX

Tiago wants to check a couple of cars out in San Antonio so we are traveling there. It just started to rain...

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Back in Houston, TX!

I'm back in Houston!
Sorry for the delay in updating the blog, I'm having trouble with my cellphone's signal (probably an issue with the hardware) so I could not update much from the road.

The flight to Phoenix was uneventful. On Sunday night Don and Pat too me to the airporter shuttle.  With two bags (consisting of panniers strapped to each other) and the bicycle box I departed to the Sea-Tac airport, in Seattle.

My flight was only in the next morning at 8:05am, but due to the inconvenient shuttle schedule during the morning time I decided to go in the previous day at night and avoid having Don and Pat taking me there in the middle of the night. So I arrived and, as expected, was unable to check the bags in at that time.

I roamed in the airport looking for a place to stay and found a good spot at the waiting area. I had my sleeping bag with me and planned on sleeping there but I was not sleepy at all, and at 2:00am I just decided I was not going to sleep at all. So I walked to a Starbucks, got a coffee and worked on my things for a few hours.

There I met a cool guy who lived in Alaska. We started talking about his experience with Ayahuasca. Maybe I'll try it once at some point ( We also talked about living in Alaska and how would it be to make a bike tour in the remote regions of that state.

At about 5:30am I packed the laptop, checked the bags and the box in and passed through the security line. I tried to sleep in the flight but no luck...

Once I arrived in Phoenix Tiago was about to get there, and in a few minutes I saw his truck. It was a big moving truck almost full with his brother's stuff. We managed to arrange space for the bicycle box and the bags and our trip to Houston started. It was a long drive. We were both tired so we decided to spend the night in El Paso, TX where in the morning he was planning on getting a car.

We slept at a motel 6 and in the morning drove to the seller's address. The place was terrible, and adding to that the factor the car was listed on craigslist, and that it was in El Paso (dangerous place to get a car), it was not looking good. Tiago called the guy but he never answered. We tried for about an hour, then gave up and returned to the road, this time towards Houston.

We had 3 hours driving shifts. I was hoping not to get stopped by the police since I had lost my driver's license in the bicycle tour and never had a chance to get a replacement. Unfortunately, there was a big border patrol operation and they were stopping everyone. And I happened to be driving at the time.

Once our turn to show the papers came the officer asked if we were both citizens. I explained I am a permanent resident. He asked to see my green card and I showed to him. Tiago then started to make lots of questions and soon there was a line of cards behind us. The policeman didn't want to spend more time with us and ended up not asking for the drivers license! We were too lucky!

From there we drove until night time without much interruption. We only stopped for dinner at a Pizza Hut and took the opportunity to watch the presidential debate that was happening at the time.

We ended up arriving at about 1:30am and went to sleep straight. That was a good night of sleep for me, I rested like a rock!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Back at the road

After a quick pause for gas in Fort Hancock, TX we are now resuming our drive!

Lunch time

At a Chinese buffet in Fort Stockton, TX. W estimate e have about 9 hours of driving left!

Monday, October 15, 2012

At the El Paso motel 6

Revovering for another long but fun drive to Houston!

At a wafflehouse

Having lunch!

Breakfast time

At the Seattle airport. You know, over priced bad food, but it's what we have for the moment hehe

Flight is soon! I ended up working on my things and not sleeping at all so i should sleep the whole flight. :)

Sunday, October 14, 2012

At the airport

The shuttle to the Seattle airport was on time and I'm now waiting to check in. Unfortunately they only take the bags in the morning time, starting at 4:00am... So I'll have long waiting time around here with the bicycle and everything.

Departing to Seattle!

My flight to Houston is tomorrow morning but there was not a bus early enough, so I'm going today and will sleep at the airport. =)

Right now I'm at the shuttle called airporter and should arrive in Seattle 9:45pm.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Great night at the Bible study group!

For the last month and a half I've been participating at a Bible Study group which Don leads here in Burlington, WA. On every Thursday night the group gets together at Paul's house (the blonde guy on my side) to discuss themes involving both scripture passages and philosophical questions such as free will, spiritual advancement and happiness.

Great friends I've made at the Bible study group. I'll miss you all!

The whole idea of reading the Bible was actually new to me, and I've certainly enjoyed this experience and I'm very grateful for the opportunity of getting to know each and everyone of them.

Any attempt to describe tonight would be an understatement so I just won't. But if I would I'd certainly include the words uplifting, unexpected, meaningful and fun!!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Video of Day 187 - Burlington, WA - Picking up prunes

Video of Days 183, 184, 185 and 186 - Burlington, WA

Great week in Burlington

Last week was one more great week here in Burlington, WA! With sunny days and pleasant temperatures, Don Pat and I enjoyed our days working, having dinner together, going to study groups, doing some volunteer work and more.

I have also planted a few beans and am now waiting to see if they will grow or not.

My work at home is progressing as well, and I'm having a good time studying Japanese on the spare time and advancing on my readings.

Definitely a great time!


Video of Day 182 - Burlington, WA - North Cascades National Park

At North Cascades National Park

Last week, on Sept 30, Don Pat and I visited the North Cascades National Park.

We woke up early, prepared breakfast and departed for a great day at the mountains. The park was located at about 2 hours and a half from Burlington. The road is nice too, with many scenic views and lookouts.


We stopped at a few off these lookouts to take pictures and site see.

Here are a few more pictures of the amazing views we had that day.

I wish they would capture the beauty of the place no its fullest, but they don't. Also, my camera is not the best which doesn't help, but you can have an idea.


Video of Day 181 - Burlington, WA - Deception Pass & Mount Erie

Sunday, October 7, 2012

In La Conner, WA

A small town close to Burlington. We decided to go for a bike ride today!
Perfect weather!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Visited Mount Erie

Last Sunday we visited Deception Pass, and from there we decided to ride to Mount Erie, one of the highest lookout points in the region. The mount is about 1350 feet high and from there we an see most of Anacortes area. Here are some pictures from there which I haven't pushed yet:

At the main lookout on the summit of Mount Erie

This was another great day. This region is incredible with so many environments easily accessible by car, bike or ferry.

Once we got back home I cooked a nice dinner for us.

This day we went to sleep early, preparing for another adventure in the following day!


At Deception Pass

Monday was great day! Don, Pat and I went for a drive at Deception Pass, a famous spot where the rugged land and turbulent coast line makes for an incredible landscape. A thick fog was coming from the ocean side, which also added to the scenic views.

I wish I had a better camera to take these pictures, but you can have an idea of what it looked like.

We walked over a very high bridge and hiked all the way down to the beach. We spent about an hour down there, appreciating the view and enjoying the sunlight before returning to the car.


At the beach near Deception Pass, after a short hike.

But we were not done yet! After returning to the car we rode to Mount Erie! See the next post! :)

Video of Day 180 - Burlington, WA - Pumpkin Throw Contest

Pumpkin Throw Contest

Last Saturday Don and I rode our bicycles to downtown of Burlington to watch a famous event that takes place every year here: the Yearly Pumpkin Throw Contest. We had a lot of fun watching the machines people build every year to throw pumpkins as far as they can.


 Don said a couple of years ago the world record has been broken here. haha check out these pictures and the video of the event!

Don and I at the Pumpkin Throw Contest, Burlington, WA

The moon as seen on my way back to Don and Pat's house.
After that I spent most of the afternoon at Starbucks uploading videos and pictures to the blog and working on somethings in the computer.