Wednesday, November 14, 2012

No magic manuals

Since I do support many of the libertarian ideals I 'liked' this libertarian page to see what else they were publishing... and then I read "We believe in the Constitution and we have a strong grip–especially on our guns!"

The problem is not the Constitution or lack of it, the problem is what's inside people's heads and their lack of consciousness. Time to 'unlike' that page.

What attracts me on libertarianism is that rights are considered intrinsic to the being, not granted by the State. I.e. you have certain rights because you are a human being, not because the government grants you.

What they lack is the sense that other beings, such as animals and plants, also have rights, and differently than us they cannot sue or fight on court. So yes, regulations to protect the environment are very much needed. We are all Earthlings and should share this planet together in a sustainable fashion, not consume it. Humans are no special and deserve no better life than a cat or a cow does.

The Constitution is surely very important, but no piece of paper will resolve issues until people have learned to have consideration and compassion for one another. Too easy to blame on 'not following the Constitution', but most situations involve daily decisions on how we treat and how much we respect one another.

For instance, the constitution does say all have freedom of speech. The notion of freedom of speech is great, no doubt about that, but does that mean you and I have the right to be disrespectful and bully others just because the Constitution says I can express whatever I want to? Of course not. And fixing the Constitution is not a solution either. We can't have a guideline which reads "All have freedom of speech as long as you do not offend others". The reason is obvious: who is to decide what is offensive or disrespectful? Each situation and each person is unique, and therefore one must use his/her own judgment on the matter, and the only way we can be successful on that is by increasing how much we consider others when expressing ourselves. This is just one example, but it does apply to all other amendments.

Generally, they hold true, but the responsibility of  treating others appropriately lies on us, not on the paper. Therefore, until we have learned to incorporate tolerance and compassion in our lives and make sure we keep those in mind when interacting with others no Constitution will help.

The bottom line is that there are no magic manuals for life.

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