Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Night out with Thais, Rafael and Ingrid

This was a good day. I had lunch at my mom's home and then went to a few stores and supermarket with my grandmother. She has difficulties remembering a few things and walking by herself, but going slowly and holding on someone else she is able to move around and get a cab. We had a good time trying to find what she needed in the supermarket and then having a snack together before returning to her home.

 From her house I went to the gym. I tried not to delay too much and ended up skipping a few exercises, but overall it was a good training.

At night went out with Rafael, Thais and her friend Ingrid to Largo do Epatur.

We drunk and had fun, then moved to a restaurant in Cidade Baixa called Só Comis and eat very well. It was too mch food for us! We arrived at home near 1am.

Time to sleep now.

Reopening the works in the blog

I know I've been a long time far from posting. I will return to normal activity now, and will start by posting pictures from tonight's night out with Thais, her friend and my brother.

Stay tuned!