Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Night out with Thais, Rafael and Ingrid

This was a good day. I had lunch at my mom's home and then went to a few stores and supermarket with my grandmother. She has difficulties remembering a few things and walking by herself, but going slowly and holding on someone else she is able to move around and get a cab. We had a good time trying to find what she needed in the supermarket and then having a snack together before returning to her home.

 From her house I went to the gym. I tried not to delay too much and ended up skipping a few exercises, but overall it was a good training.

At night went out with Rafael, Thais and her friend Ingrid to Largo do Epatur.

We drunk and had fun, then moved to a restaurant in Cidade Baixa called Só Comis and eat very well. It was too mch food for us! We arrived at home near 1am.

Time to sleep now.

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