Saturday, August 31, 2013

Me, Arnika and her mom

Yesterday me, Arnika and her mom spent sometime walking in Boston downtown. It was her mom's birthday so she got flowers from Arnika's brother, Darius.

More from the Krishna temple

Posting some more pictures of the Hare Krishna temple in Boston!

At the Boston ISKCON temple

The Krishna temple in Boston. They have very nice deities! Arnika andi spent an hour here, and then walled thought downtown and some beautiful parks.

Had a great day yesterday

I'm posing a few pictures of yesterday here in Boston. I tried to post them in original size but my connection is not good enough. :) 

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Arrived in Boston!

Arnika and I just arrived at the Boston airport. At this time we are still in the plane, almost time to get out.

This picture is from earlier, at the Houston Hobby airport.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Finally harvested something! :)

Haha I finally harvested a few seeds from my garden! Not to many though, this is all I got. These came from the black beans.

It seems that my indoor garden will never be actually productive, but instead serve as a hobby and as decoration only. That's cool too! :)

Monday, August 19, 2013

Quick snack at work

I'm not a big fan of sweets on general, but this afternoon I'm making an exception!

Chocolate cake and coffee... Can't beat the combo! :)

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Saturday dinner

Today I spent most of the day searching for a few clothing items I needed. The whole shopping thing was really tiring and by the time we came back home I was starving!
I felt like cooking something good, and this us what came out!

The recipe is actually pretty simple:
For the vegetables: cut carrots and place it in a frying pan. Add a bit of vegetable oil and let it fry for about 5 mins. Then add green beans and a bit of water. Thee steam coming from the water will help the carrots and the green beans to cook quicker. Wait about 5 mins and add red potatoes. If
 yo wish to have it cooked quicker, cut them in small pieces.

For the seasoning, I just added salt, a bit of smoked paprika  and parsley leafs. 

Also on the plate there is white rice with parsley on top and a bit of pesto pasta(which I had already in the fridge and decided to mix in, but not required really. 


Friday, August 16, 2013

Group pictures at the Gita Nagari retreat

In the previous post I described a bit of our last weekend at the Gita Nagari retreat in Pennsylvania. I tried to include as many pictures as possible in that post and it grew quite quickly. But those were not all of them. We took a few group pictures that were my favorites, and I thought I should make a separate post for them.

This time I'll start with my favorite picture of the entire retreat:

And here are the group pictures:

I can not express how much I enjoyed this whole experience. I'll end this post with one of my favorite verses of the Śrīmad Bhāgavatam [11.13.29]:

"The false ego of the living entity places him in bondage and awards him exactly the opposite of what he really desires. Therefore, an intelligent person should give up his constant anxiety to enjoy material life."

Hare Krishna!

Gita Nagari Hare Krishna retreat

This past weekend me and a group of about 14 devotees from the Houston Hare Krishna temple traveled to Pennsylvania for a 4 days retreat at the Gita Nagari farm.

The main attraction of this retreat was Radhanath Swami, author of the acclaimed book "The Journey Home". This was a rare opportunity to meet him live, and since I have followed his lectures and read his articles for quite a while I just couldn't let it pass.

We got on an early flight to Newark, NY last Friday, then drove about 3 hours and a half to the farm.

Upon arrival we tried to join one of Radhanath swami's class, but the temple room was full. So I decided to just go shower and rest. 

On the next day we woke up 3am for Managala arati. It was such a great experience. The house were we were lodged was about 10 minutes away from the temple, and the walk during night time was a lot of fun. Everyone in our group joined. It is interesting how the early morning hours can feel so different when it comes to chanting and meditating. The following pictures were taken on my way back to the rooms after Managala arati, around 6am.


On Saturday we watched a couple of lectures, had prasadam and toured around the farm. During the afternoon Rachel and I went to Port Royal, a nearby town to by fruits and make phone calls (there was no signal at the farm).

By the end of Saturday I finally had a chance to meet Radhanah Swami. It was a short encounter but definitely worth the effort! This is the only picture with him I got.

On Sunday we served prasasam, and went for a nice walk in some trails within the farm dependencies. Here are a few more pictures of the farm:


 And here are a few pictures of our group in different occasions during the retreat:


This was definitely an incredible experience, very hard to describe here. But I hope you can have a glimpse of what we experienced through the pictures.

Hari bol!