Friday, August 16, 2013

Gita Nagari Hare Krishna retreat

This past weekend me and a group of about 14 devotees from the Houston Hare Krishna temple traveled to Pennsylvania for a 4 days retreat at the Gita Nagari farm.

The main attraction of this retreat was Radhanath Swami, author of the acclaimed book "The Journey Home". This was a rare opportunity to meet him live, and since I have followed his lectures and read his articles for quite a while I just couldn't let it pass.

We got on an early flight to Newark, NY last Friday, then drove about 3 hours and a half to the farm.

Upon arrival we tried to join one of Radhanath swami's class, but the temple room was full. So I decided to just go shower and rest. 

On the next day we woke up 3am for Managala arati. It was such a great experience. The house were we were lodged was about 10 minutes away from the temple, and the walk during night time was a lot of fun. Everyone in our group joined. It is interesting how the early morning hours can feel so different when it comes to chanting and meditating. The following pictures were taken on my way back to the rooms after Managala arati, around 6am.


On Saturday we watched a couple of lectures, had prasadam and toured around the farm. During the afternoon Rachel and I went to Port Royal, a nearby town to by fruits and make phone calls (there was no signal at the farm).

By the end of Saturday I finally had a chance to meet Radhanah Swami. It was a short encounter but definitely worth the effort! This is the only picture with him I got.

On Sunday we served prasasam, and went for a nice walk in some trails within the farm dependencies. Here are a few more pictures of the farm:


 And here are a few pictures of our group in different occasions during the retreat:


This was definitely an incredible experience, very hard to describe here. But I hope you can have a glimpse of what we experienced through the pictures.

Hari bol!

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