Saturday, August 17, 2013

Saturday dinner

Today I spent most of the day searching for a few clothing items I needed. The whole shopping thing was really tiring and by the time we came back home I was starving!
I felt like cooking something good, and this us what came out!

The recipe is actually pretty simple:
For the vegetables: cut carrots and place it in a frying pan. Add a bit of vegetable oil and let it fry for about 5 mins. Then add green beans and a bit of water. Thee steam coming from the water will help the carrots and the green beans to cook quicker. Wait about 5 mins and add red potatoes. If
 yo wish to have it cooked quicker, cut them in small pieces.

For the seasoning, I just added salt, a bit of smoked paprika  and parsley leafs. 

Also on the plate there is white rice with parsley on top and a bit of pesto pasta(which I had already in the fridge and decided to mix in, but not required really. 


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