Saturday, December 14, 2013

Preparing the containers

My plan was to put the cups into the container lids, and have the water in the container. Then I'd use the air pump to move the water around, add oxygen, etc. In order to do that, I needed to cut 11 openings in each container lid. Cutting those 3 inches holes into the container was challenge though. I couldn't use a drill, or a knife, because it would take too long and the wholes wouldn't come out perfectly round to support the plastic cups.

So I though maybe it'd be easier to melt the holes into the container lid. I noticed the sweet pea can here have exactly 3 inches in diameter. So I emptied one while we cooked, and used the stove to heat it up. Next, I pressed the hot can against the lid and... guess what? A perfect 3 inches wide hole was carved! 

Check it out:

Now I only need to make a few more of those and I'll have the first container ready. Then I need to prepare the other two container lids, and start working on the support for these containers. :D

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