Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

For this upcoming year, If I could wish anything, I'd wish to be sober. Not sober as in free from intoxicants, but as in free from delusion. The hard truth is that no matter how much we strive to understand what are we and what is our real significance, we might never find out. Nature is strange. In a universe that does not necessarily conform to our likings, blaming the way by which we get to know our reality - namely, science - seems childish to me.

The fact remains that not everything there is can be quantified or measured by science as it stands. As René Descartes once realized, the mind and the body are indeed separate. No need for superstition or magic to agree with that. It may very well be that the mind and our own consciousness is just a result of an immensely complex network of unpredictable states, each governed by one or more neurons, and that this complex network is what gives us the ilusion of being conscious and aware. But even that turned the case, such illusion still exists. Meaning also exists, but cannot be measured or quantified in terms of material composition. The fact that it exists, however, does not imply that it is material as the neurons that supposedly produced it. This in turn implies that the mind and the physical matter that produces it are indeed separate entities.

So what do we really want from religion? Therapy? Comfort? Reassuring fables? Or a means to glimpsing into our actual circumstances? And if our reality does indeed extend beyond our physical world, be it by our consciousness alone or something else, may religion be your open minded way of tapping into it.

Happy new year!

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