Friday, February 28, 2014


Finally, after 11 hours... Here we are! Now it's time to sleep.

Florianopolis at last!!

After 10 hours in the road... More one more to get to the house we rented...

Almost there

Florianopolis is about an hour from here, almost there!

Let the jam begin

Laguna is famous for it's monster jam... Here we are....

Awesome house entrance

Near Laguna, SC.

Technology is awesome

In Santo Antonio

In Sombrio

At the Japones restaurant having some breakfast. Bad and expensive "food", but that's what we have for now...

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Departing to Florianopolis

Milton and I are ready to go pick my brother and Julio! This Carnival will be fun! :)

Tia Iracy's birthday

Tia Iracy and I on her birthday yesterday!

Strong rain in Porto Alegre

This is the view from my aunt's house while a strong rain hit town. Luckily, there were no floods haha :)

Making grostoli

Grostoli is an Italian biscuit. My grandma learned how to do it when she was young. Yesterday she, my uncle and I cooked a whole batch of those! They were delicious! :)

Fixed my bike

My bicycle needed some serious repairs. I left it at the store week and yesterday my uncle gave me a lift to pick it up during my lunch break.
Now it's like new!

At Bourbon mall

With my mom.

Working from home

With the help of my cousin, Marina!

Milton, my cousin and I

Had a great time at my cousins house yesterday night. We had a few beers and some pizza. :)

Hospital time

For my grandma hehe.. Everything is ok, though. :)

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Watching the game

This afternoon I'm watching a soccer game with my father! Our team, Internacional is playing against Veranopolis soccer club.

Family lunch

At Tia Iracy's house, a Sunday classic!

Only in Brazil

A group of people moved a couch to the middle of a busy street... Only in Brazil you can see this kind if stuff... Haha..


My city has had carnival on the streets almost every weekend. Last night Milton and I went to downtown walk around. Check out the people and the vibe!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Grandma's flowers

My grandma takes great care of her flowersin her backyard. It's amazing, check it out!