Friday, March 28, 2014

Moving to NYC!

Tomorrow morning Arnika and I are moving to NYC. We don't know yet exactly where we will be located at, but we will be looking for apartments in a central areal, preferably Manhattan. Tonight a few friends are coming to help load the truck up, and tomorrow we'll drive! I sold my car, and we'll tow hers. It should take three days to get there. We will stay a few days in her mom's house, in Boston, and then next week we'll drive back to NYC, rent an apartment, and move in.

We are excited about this new chapter, but we will also deeply miss our friends in Houston. Let's stay in touch folks... Facebook, Skype, Google Hangouts, email, smoke sign... anything!

And hey, we're already planning on coming back this May for a weekend, and then from time to time to visit.

I'll keep the blog updated as often as possible so you can follow along and see what kind of trouble we will get into haha

Wish us good luck! :D

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