Thursday, June 12, 2014

Sad day in Brazil

Today is the start of the World Cup in Brazil.

For most a time to forget about the problems and cheer for our country. However, just a few months ago the population was on the streets demanding better hospitals, less corruption, better infrastructure and, above all, better schools. Since then nothing has been done.

My country is a crippled one. Governed by criminals, the vast majority of the population has no access to education or health care. Corruption and incompetence infiltrates every aspect of our public services and as if that wasn't enough billions of dollars were spent building brand new soccer stadiums, some in the middle of nowhere, or in places where there isn't even a local soccer team. This is a sad day for me.

And is a sad day for those lost in delusion as well, for they are cheering and celebrating with no perspective, no way out and in most cases not even the awareness of their own miserable and hopeless circumstances.

For them ignorance is not only bliss, but also the only kind of bliss they will get know in this life.

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