Monday, November 3, 2014

Awesome news!

About 3 weeks ago, on 10/10/2014 our lives have changed forever. On early morning our daughter Isabella Madhavi Born was born on Roosevelt Hospital here in Manhattan, NYC. One of the happiest days in our lives for sure, but little we knew the journey was just starting... and what a ride it has been so far!!

She has already changed a lot in these 3 weeks and a half. Even though she does not speak yet (haha) we communicate just fine. She is 100% healthy, very aware and very cute - alright, as the father I obviously think she is cute, but she really is!

Both Arnika and I continue to learn every day, and things are finally getting back into a routine Sort of. Sleepless nights are still a part of our every day lives, but it's definitely worth it.

In an attempt to respect her privacy, we won't be posting many pictures of Isabella on this blog, social media, or anywhere else. After all, she is too young to let us know whether she approves this or not. But we will keep friends and family updated as we have since day 1. If you'd like to receive pictures and we have not sent any yet, I apologize - it's been quite hectic here. Just let us know and we'll fix that right away! Thank you all for understanding.

In the upcoming days I'll be posting what happened here lately other than Isabella's arrival, and then will return to the usual routine updates as I always do.