Saturday, June 20, 2015

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Flight to Houston Hobby

There were some big storms in the original route, so we are taking an alternate route to Houston and will arrive through the west coast instead of the east! Should not be too delayed though.

Houston, here we come!

Last flight for this trip. .. Can't wait to arrive!

Flight to New York

Flying from Moscow to NYC was tough... 9 hours and 30 mins after already being quite tired from a drive to Riga, a flight to Moscow and a night at the airport. Now I go through customs and wait 2 more hours to catch my flight to Houston.

What a journey!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Ant Rubeziaus - Part 3

The last batch of pictures we took at the Ant Rubeziaus festival last week in Siauliai, Lithuania!

Ant Rubeziaus - Part 2

Some more pictures of the Ant Rubeziaus festival in Siauliai, Lithuania:

Ant Rubeziaus - Part 1

The Ant Rubeziaus is a festival that happens every year in Siauliai. They meet at the central street and have all kinds of crafts, cultural shows and diverse things happening there. People come from nearby cities as well to enjoy the festival that lasts three days.

The name Ant Rubeziaus means "divider line", which refers to the street where it happens. This street is believed to separate two different Lithuanian accents, so they used this term to name the festival.

Here are a few pictures we took while there last week:

This is Arnika's grandfather:

 Some more moments at the Ant Rubeziaus festival: